5G, accessible in the United Kingdom in the coming years, is a technological issue for the country and Nokia has been chosen as the leading provider in the field.

Nokia has signed the first contract for the installation of 5G in the United Kingdom.

The Finnish telecommunications company will work with British Telecom (BT), the leading UK telephone operator. The two firms announced their collaboration on Tuesday, September 29 by press release.

The equipment allowing British BT customers to access the future 5G network will therefore be installed by Nokia. The company will then become the largest supplier in the United Kingdom, but other contracts to equip the country 100% with 5G should be announced soon.

The other expected supplier for Great Britain would be Ericsson. These partnerships are being created after Huawei’s ban.

The Chinese tech company was banned from installing 5G equipment in the UK last July by Boris Johnson. The British Prime Minister had justified this decision by the desire to protect Great Britain against the spying of Beijing, with whom Huawei is suspected of working.

However, the Chinese firm had the most access and the most advanced technology to equip citizens.

5G promises to be a major technological revolution for users, but responds to considerable challenges in terms of security, economy, and geopolitics.